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Add your pickup game to the list by filling out this form. If you have any problems, email Ken Ferguson at ultimateken AT gmail DOT com. If you want to add an actual team to the list, use the add team page instead.

The teams list is moderated, so new entries will take a day or two to appear.

Give your pickup game a name e.g. Highbury Fields sunday pickup

Contact email address (optional) Enter a contact email address here. Visitors send mail to this address by clicking the 'contact this team' link in your listing. Your email address itself is never displayed, so you are not prone to spam. You can list more than one address, in which case email will go to all destinations. If you don't have an email, please provide some other way for people to check that your pickup game is on.

Website address (optional)) Maybe you have a website that tells people whether pickup is on this week? Type the web address here.

Resumé (optional) A resume is optional, but might help give people a flavour of what your game is like. Please keep it short - 50 words or less is good.

Day/time/location Explain where and when your pickup game happens (e.g. 'Saturday 2pm-4pm at Clapham Common, near Battersea Rise'). link to where you play (optional) Go to, find the precise spot where your game happens, copy the link from the bottom of the page and paste it in here. This will save you continually explaining to people where you play.

Beginners You'll probably leave this set to 'Welcome' - by definition, a pickup game is usually open to all, including beginners. If you want to restrict it however, select either 'Ask', or 'No'.

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