London teams and practices

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  Team Competing in Practice type Beginners
Clapham Wonderers O, P Pickup Welcome
London Revolution P Pickup Welcome
Twickenham Ultimate O, P Pickup Welcome
Highbury Fields P Pickup Welcome
Green Park Pickup P Pickup Welcome
Fulham Flyers LIL Pickup Welcome
Richmond, Kinsgton and Ham Frisbee Team O, P Pickup Welcome
ABH pickup Pickup Welcome
Dirty Olive UKW, O Open Welcome
Playthings LSL, LIL Open Welcome
PAF LSL, LWL, LIL, LL, O Open Welcome
Stacks and Switches LSL, LL Open Welcome
Flump UKO, UKM, LSL, LWL, LIL, LL, O Open Welcome
Cutty Sharks UKM, LWL, LIL, O Open Welcome
Choke Hazard UKM, LSL, LWL, O Open Welcome
Curve UKO, UKW, UKM, LSL, LWL, LIL, LL, O Open Welcome
Thrown LWL, O Open Welcome
Kent Touch This LWL Ask Welcome
Blaze LWL, O Ask Welcome
UCL LSL, LWL, LIL, LL, O Ask Welcome
discDoctors LWL, LL, O Ask Welcome
Fugazees UKM, LSL, LWL, LL, O Ask Ask
Crown Jewels UKW, O Ask Ask
Golden Ants UKM, LSL, LWL, O Ask Ask
Thundering Herd UKM, LSL, LWL, LL, O Ask Ask
Iceni UKW, LL, O Ask Ask
Flaming Galahs UKM, LSL, LWL, LL, O Ask Ask
London Revolution UKO, UKM, LSL, LIL, O Ask Ask
Equilibrium LWL, LL, O Ask Ask
Angels UKO, LIL, LL, O Ask No
Fire of London UKO Closed No
Clapham Ultimate UKO, LWL Closed No
Hamstead Park Rangers P None Welcome
Lucky 7 LSL None No

Competing in

UKO - UKUA Open Tour
UKW - UKUA Women's Tour
UKM - UKUA Mixed Tour
LL - Ladder League

LSL - London Summer League
LWL - London Winter League
LIL - London Indoor League

O - other events (e.g. casual
or foreign tournaments)
P - pickup game

See tournaments and leagues for details of these events.

Practice type
Pickup - pickup game - all welcome.
Open - team practice open to all players
Ask - non-team-members sometimes welcome... please enquire first
Closed - practices restricted to team members only
None - team does not practice regularly

Welcome - team accepts beginners
Ask - team sometimes accepts beginners... please enquire first
No - sorry, experienced players only