Teams and practices in London

The number of Ultimate teams in the capital has increased significantly in the last ten years. Many teams play in the UKUA Open, Mixed or Women's Tour, as well as other events around the country. Other teams exist just to play Summer League. It's common for players to play with one team in the Tour, and an entirely different team at Summer League.

(London Winter League is a slightly different case, since the teams that enter are predominantly Tour teams. However, Winter League is pretty relaxed, so it's usually easy to find a team to pick up with).

London is home to teams of all standards, from some of the top teams in Europe to all-beginner teams. You'll want to find a team that plays at a level you're comfortable with. Check out our London Teams List, or take a look at Tour, Winter and Summer League results to get an idea of the relative strength of teams.

Try the UKUA website for Tour results, and the Summer and Winter League sites for recent league placings.

As a general rule, the strongest teams have a recruiting period between (roughly) October and March, after which they are closed to new players. However, if you arrive in London during their closed period, and you're positive that they're the team for you (and that you're the right player for them) it's worth contacting them and letting them know you're available.

Practices and pickup games

Different teams practice in different ways. The top teams practice two or three times a week, typically do track and sprint training, and players are expected to train individually too. Others will just play together once a week. Some teams don't practice at all!

If you're not ready to commit to a particular team however, all is not lost: there are a few pickup games around town, and some teams are happy to have non-team-members at their practices. Our London Teams and Practices list shows you all the pickup games and open team practices in London.

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