2003 London Ultimate Summer League - results & summary

2003 London Summer League Winners - Up

2003 London Summer League Spirit Winners - Whey

2003 London Summer League Plate Winners - Thundering Herd


The 2003 summer league wrapped on Wednesday 20th August with finals at Clapham Common. Up beat Whey! 15-10 in the Becks division final to take the League Winners trophy. Whey! remained within a couple of points of Up's lead for all but the last few points of the game, unable to find a way to strike back against a stacked Up squad.

Thundering Herd truly got the bit between their teeth over the course of the summer. In the Posh division final they always looked the more confident team and stampeded home to a 13-7 win over Playthings. Quite an achievement for a team that started as almost total newcomers to the game, and a testament to both their enthusiasm and the expert coaching of Al, RV and Aura. Disappointment for Playthings, as this was the third year in a row that they were pipped to the plate title.

Spirit went to Whey!, who gained consistently high scores from the teams they played - emphasised by the fact that they came out top despite forgetting to submit one of their spirit votes. Had they done so, their margin over spirit runners up North-South Divide would have been considerably larger!

The customary mayhem ensued at the post-finals party in Clapham. Thanks to the management and bar staff of the Alexandra for accommodating us.

2003 was without a doubt the most enjoyable and competitive summer league so far. There was some serious Ultimate played at all levels, proving that Summer League is not necessarily the walk in the park that it might appear to be. We saw the newer teams come on leaps and bounds over the course of the summer, and in the Becks division, teams really had to fight throughout the second round to stay in contention.

This was also our biggest competition yet (although not on the scale of the huge North American city leagues). It is still the only summer league of its kind in the UK. Sixteen teams made for a great format and seventy-four games without a single default is a pretty amazing statistic. Thanks to everyone who took part. Here's to 2004.

2003 London Summer League - Finishing Positions

Becks Division Posh Division
1 Up (League Winners)
Thundering Herd (plate)
Whey! (Spirit)
Smash & Grab
Missing A Disc
Little Mohawk
North-South Divide
Bad Habits
Strawberry Jam
Pyramus & Frisbee
Hello Please
Deep Threat

2003 London Summer League - Spirit Results

Once again, in an even more graphic style, we take a "name and shame" approach to the spirit results. Bear in mind though that down in the lower reaches, it's more an indicator of which teams actually remembered to get their spirit votes in (because you get a zero for every game you forget to vote for). Still, if you can't be bothered - or organised enough - to vote, then it's not my fault if your team looks bad!

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