2004 London Ultimate Summer League - results & summary

2004 London Summer League Winners - Little Mohawk

2004 London Summer League Spirit Winners - Lucky 7s

2004 London Summer League Plate Winners - Thundering Herd


The numbers for 2004: Eighteen teams. Eighty-five games.

Some familiar names, but with unfamiliar lineups: Last year's finalists Up and Whey! fielded rather different looking teams, and both slipped out of the top division. There were four clear front-runners, Little Mohawk, Strawberry Jam, Swing and Smash & Grab, and their games provided some of the best-quality Ultimate our Summer League has seen.

Away from the spotlight a little, ABH, Curve and Virgin On The Ridiculous brought along lots of newer players, and proved to be some of the best teams to go for a beer with afterwards. Also, the number of corporate-based teams doubled this year (from one to two) with the addition of Stacks & Switches who finished impressively high in the rankings in their first year.

2004 Finishing Positions

Heals Division Habitat Division Ikea Division
1 Little Mohawk
Thundering Herd
Strawberry Jam
Smash & Grab
Lucky 7s (spirit)
Virgin On The Ridic.
Stacks & Switches
Missing A Disc
Summer Lovers

Finals Day Report

A very decent crowd of players turned out in spectacular weather to watch or take part in the finals at Clapham on Saturday 14th August. (Check out some photos).

Ikea Division Final

Curve put up a good fight, but couldn't really stay in contention with Up, who turned out one of the stronger teams they've fielded this season. Up took the game 15-7.

Plate Final

The big game of the day turned out to be the plate final, which saw Whey line up against Thundering Herd in a repeat of their match from week one of this year's league. Back in May, Whey took it 15-12. Now that it really mattered, what about the rematch?

The game was astonishingly tight, the teams trading to 14-14 in a game to 15, win by two. Whey pulled to the Herd and looked to have the advantage after forcing a turnover, but turned over themselves. Herd made sure of their second chance to take a 15-14 lead. Next point, and a slip on offence from Whey gave Herd possession, who quickly scored to win the game 16-14, and with it the Plate.

League Final

The league final matched Little Mohawk against Strawberry Jam. Jam were possibly unsettled by the absence of a few regular players and struggled badly to find their groove. Little Mohawk by contrast looked confident and easily took control of the game, finishing the half with something like an 8-1 or 8-2 lead.

Jam started to find their form after halftime and traded points, but this fell well short of making up for their first-half defecit. Final score 15-8 and a well-deserved win to Little Mohawk. Trophy on the way.

Hours later, people were still hanging out at the pitches! Well, the weather was pretty great. I wonder if there's any way we could have the party on the Common next year?!

Spirit results

The number in brackets following your team name is the number of games you remembered to vote for, out of a maximum of nine (five first round games, four second round games). If you forgot to register a vote for a game, you were penalised by only receiving half of the spirit score your opponents awarded you. Your opponents got their average spirit score.

So it's interesting to compare finishing position with the number of games teams managed to vote for. Obviously Swing were never in the running (!?), some of the others are a bit more telling.

In any case, Lucky 7's finished well out in front. Congratulations.

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