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30th June 2015

We are now 5 weeks into Summer League. In Division A, the lead is up for grabs, as none of the teams have won all their games so far, although All Day Son! and ABH North have each conceded just one game. In Division B, Goats of Destiny have won all their games, but they have yet to play Shiny Happy Meeple, who are currently second in the division and neck-and-neck in Goal Difference. This week’s game could be huge!

Just a reminder – please send in your results! (You can submit scores and spirit here). Maybe even tweet about it as well, using #lusl2015 – everyone loves social media! A few teams are missing a number of results – you know who you are! In addition, make sure to get agreement on the final score on the night with the opposition. We’ve had quite a few discrepancies in results so far! Thank you to those teams who have been prompt in resolving this.

10th April 2015

The sun is finally out... which means it's time to start thinking about London Summer League! LSL 2015 will run from 27th May to 13th August, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, in Balham and Clissold Park as usual. Summer League is played 5-2 mixed, games to 15. Entry is now open, and the entry deadline is 30th April.

Full details and entry forms can be found here.

15th June 2014

Be sure to join the mailing list for urgent updates

So at the end of week two - we have the week one scores mostly confirmed and most of the week 2 scores in...! At the admin end we are up and running with results reporting and updating - but now we need all of the teams to get into the weekly habit of getting the results in on the day of play or after!

It is so easy to do - just go to the google-docu-thang here and plug em in:

We especially need this to happen quickly this week so that we can create the schedule for the next phase in good time for week 4!

Meanwhile the story so far....

In Pool A all teams could yet go up or down. RGS have it in their hands, but if they lose to ABH South and Goats win there will be a 3-way tie at the top. Winless Curve have to beat Goats and hope for an RGS win to create a 3-way tie for second place!

In Pool B it is all to play for. Herd have the con, but a loss to the unpredictable Pastas and a win for Lazer makes a 3-way tie at the top. Yet luckless PAF - not on form up to this point - can still sneak second if they and the Herd win big!

IN Pool D ABH North put themselves in pole position by coming south and thumping Brixton - but, as no-one has heard a word from Swurve or the Pierce party, we can't call the state of play there...

In Pool C Lurve need to hold off Stacks at Clissold in order to guarantee a div 1 slot. Cloud City also want a Lurve win and a high-scoring upset over Ravens in order to grab an unlikely second place slot!

So - tardy teams get your results in today!! And if anyone has any pics or great plays to relate then send em in and we'll try to pin them up in the next roundup later this week ;-)

4th June 2014

Hi Everybody! Sorry we are really behind this year! Some of the Summer League regular organisers have gone into a much-deserved retirement and the newer crew members have been caught in a logjam of things that needing organising in the ultimate world, especially the recent Tour 1, the biggest-ever outdoor tourny with 96 teams...!! But we are now going up to date on this website and we have the first three weeks of the Summer League schedule done and sent out to team contacts.

Even in the last few days the delay has allowed us to accept an extra team over the weekend which has made the format of the league much better for us all :-)

Re schedule:

As usual there have been significant efforts to minimise the number of times a team plays away or not on their preferred night. For those teams that have had the worst luck for the first three weeks we will be doing our best to look after you for the subsequent games.

Structure is similar to previous years and exactly the same as 2012. It is not possible for everyone to play every week.

1. There will be three divisions (Div 1, Div 2 and Div 3). Before starting the league proper there will be three weeks of crossover-games for 16 of the 22 teams (and some friendlies for the others). The crossovers determine which teams are in which division. There are two Div1/Div2 crossover groups; and two Div2/Div3 crossover groups.

2. Crossovers are played in round-robin pools of 4 teams. The top two teams play in the higher division, and the bottom two play in the lower division. Two teams from each cross-over group go into the same division and the result of the games between these teams will carry forward into the league.

3. Lost? Don’t worry – just look at the game list sent out to team contacts, play your games, go to the pub and send in the results.

4. An online version of schedule and a google form for providing results and Spirit of the Game scores will be published soon.

Re Summer League Website:

We are bringing the website up to 2014 as quickly as we can, starting with the basic information pages and then the schedule. Of course a lot of the useful information on location and structure and rules is largely the same from year to year so it is useful to look at now even before we get to it.

Once we are up to date we would like to feature regular updates on the site, as per or even more than previous years. If anyone has any Summer League highlights or happenings or pictures they want to share then let us know and we will feature what we can in the news updates.

Re Dan Berry Construction:

Also a big thank you to Dan Berry and his construction company, who has sponsored this year's Summer League. Dan himself has played a major part in organising the League in past years and London players owe him a great debt of thanks. So if you or anyone you know needs any building work done by someone who is local, competent and experienced, then give him a call for friendly advice and estimate. Otherwise, buy him a beer this summer - if everyone managed it he should get c.264 free pints by Aug 14th ;-)

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