Getting movie clips onto your video-capable iPod

Basic procedure

Save the QuickTime movies to a convenient place on your computer by right-clicking these links (control-click for single-button-mouse Mac users).

2001 Summer League Final - clip 1 (320x240 H.264)

2001 Summer League Final - clip 2 (320x240 H.264)

Launch iTunes (version 7 or later)

Choose Add to Library... from iTunes' File menu and select the two QuickTime movies you just downloaded.

You should now see the movies in the Movies section of your iTunes library

Connect your iPod to your computer and Sync. The movies should now be on your iPod, under Videos->Movies


Movies not showing up on your iPod after it syncs? Connect your iPod to your computer. Select your iPod in the Devices list. Go to the Movies tab. Make sure Sync movies is checked, and set the options underneath.

You can delete the two files you originally downloaded if iTunes is set to copy files when adding to the library. This is the usual way of working with iTunes, but if in doubt, check the Advanced section of iTunes Preferences.

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