2007/08 London Ultimate Winter League Information

Details of how to enter the League, pay and other stuff.


For payment details please email si DOT hill AT blueyonder DOT co DOT UK

Entry Information and Deadlines

In case of over-subscription, teams will gain entry to WL events in the following order of priority:

1) teams that enter and pay for all four events up front
2) date of payment received for individual events (ie you can pay for future events NOW)
3) committee discretion

Please be warned that there will be NO REFUNDS for teams that drop out! Once you have paid you are expected to play. Any teams that do dropout will automatically be placed in category 3, although teams that have paid for all 4 events upfront will be reimbursed if they fail to secure entry to future events due to numbers (ie – Team X pays for all 4 events, plays Nov but drops out of Dec. They will not be refunded for Dec and will be placed at the bottom of priority for Jan and allocated a space if there is room. If there isn’t room they will be refunded for the Jan event and the process will be repeated for Feb).

Mixed Division

Following feedback from some teams we have decided to go with a staggered approach with regards to implementing moves to the full tour mixed split in London Winter League. For 2007/08 the split will be:

As always, teams can agree between captains on the day to play to more strict mixed rules, but the above is the minimum requirement for each division and teams should only agree to playing by other rules if they are comfortable of doing so. Also, teams will only be promoted to a higher division if they are able to conform to the required mixed split in that division.

Promotion and Relegation

Will depend to some degree on the number of teams that enter and the best schedule to fit all teams, but this year LWLC are planning to relegate the bottom 2 teams of each division and promote the top 2 teams (a possible exception might be in a small Mixed Division 3, we might only relegate/promote 1 team).

Staying Informed

Urgent updates (eg cancellation of a game) are posted to the London League mailing list. It's also a place where you can talk about games, post results, etc. Players (and definitely all the nominated team contacts) are advised to join the list. There are two ways to subscribe. Either:

a) Visit www.yahoogroups.com/group/londonleague with your web browser or
b) Send an empty e-mail message to londonleague-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Note that you can read the mailing list with a web browser, even if you're not currently a member (you just can't post messages to the list). Go to www.yahoogroups.com/group/londonleague

Team captains only will be invited to join the LWL Team contacts group by the Committee, and that list is tightly managed. Should you have any problems signing up or need to re-sign up then please:

a) Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwl-contacts with your web browser or
b) Send an empty e-mail message to lwl-contacts-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

If you require further information about the London Winter League e-mail the London Winter League Committee on winterleague@londonultimate.com

Other Stuff

What is Ultimate?
Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. For more information and links to other sites about Ultimate, try whatisultimate.com or www.ukultimate.com the UK Ultimate Association's site.