Welcome to London Ultimate

Ultimate is a fast-moving team sport played with a flying disc (a "frisbee" if you like). London has a thriving Ultimate scene, with teams playing at all levels - local, national and international.

If you're new to the city, or new to Ultimate, everything you need to know is in our Guide to Playing Ultimate in London.

London Ultimate Teams and Practices

Find somewhere to play with our database of London teams, practices and pickup games. Have you added your team?

Play in London's Summer, Winter or Indoor Leagues.

London Ultimate Summer League

Summer League is awakening from its hibernation. First games are scheduled for 27th May 2015.

London Ultimate Winter League

Winter League is over for 2014. Come back in November for winter ultimate.

Mailing list and forum

For the latest announcements about Ultimate in London, join the LondonLeague mailing list. The London Ultimate Forum is another valuable resource - find players for your team, find a team to play for, exchange gossip, more.